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Legal PR focuses exclusively on providing clients with news coverage that builds reputation, prominence, and name recognition toward yielding new direct and lawyer referred cases. Casting a media spotlight on select cases, shaping the story to support the client's theory of the case, securing ongoing opportunities for attorney clients to appear in the news as subject experts produces "earned media" is a viable client acquisition strategy, and often, a strong support tool in the prosecution of specific cases. Legal PR firm Partner Claudia Oltean is co-author of the book and DVD published by Lexis-Nexis entitled Media Skills: The Lawyer As Spokesperson.

Legal PR client firms are selected based on the quality of the practice and partners, incidence of newsworthy cases and the firm's recognition of being in the news as a powerful tool. Legal PR has developed and placed news stories for such national programs and outlets as 60 Minutes, The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, USA Today, Geraldo At Large, CBS Evening News, CNN, Oprah, NPR, PBS, Inside Edition, The Associated Press, Reuters, The Today Show, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution, St. Petersburg Times, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, The Detroit News, The Christian Science Monitor and The New York Times. Our firm has also placed stories in several international media outlets such as The Scotsman, The Malaysia Star, Taipei Times, Canadian Broadcasting Company and two Russian State Television Networks.

LegalPR founder, Claudia Oltean, is the co-author of the Lexis Nexis book: Media Skills: The Lawyer As Spokesperson
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